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    The third edition of RVA neighborhood poster

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    Richmond Mural Project Update • July 22nd, 2013 - Stormie (Australia) blows through

    Crazy week. I don’t know if it’s the heat or the humidity but the block is definitely hot so it’s good to have the Richmond Mural Project jumping back into gear to provide a positive outlet for creative types from all over the world to come and visually engage the Cap City. 

    On Monday Australian artist Stormie arrived in RVA to deliver one of his signature scenarios that focuses on topics and elements around isolation.

    When I asked him what he was going to do on the rest of the wall he explained that the rest of the wall would remain empty as an examination of loneliness. He was particularly pleased with the location of his wall right off of Broad St. as it worked with and emphasized his theme even more: people exist in major metropolitan areas surrounded by people but can still experience a harrowing sense of loneliness.

    The power of public art, Stormie says, is that it can bring people together to have a conversation, combating the very elements that he presents in his works. In the 30 minutes or so I was with him I met 4 people from RVA that I had never met before and had positive discussions with them about art, life, careers, and other topics that people rarely discuss with people that they don’t know. 

    You can check out Stormie’s lonely vampire at 300 W. Broad St. Stay tuned for more updates as the RMP will be jumping into full swing this week!



    p.s.  you can catch all of our past Richmond Mural Project updates here.

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  3. What a bunch of jiber jaber.


    RVA ~ Graffiti on the way to Texas Beach

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  4. This is awsome.  I can’t wait to see a final map of all of the 2012 and 2013 murals.  A route that takes you by a bunch would make for a fun 10k or even when they are finished the Richmond Mural Marathon?


    Richmond Mural Project Update • July 25th, 2013  -  Poland’s Natalia Rak steps up as the “First Lady” of the RMP

    One of the main diversity concerns that has been expressed about RVA’s street art festivals over the past 2 years was the lack of female artists. I’m not sure that saying “there are just more males in the industry” is a valid point or excuse when there are NO female artists at all involved in the projects that have gone on. Even at last year’s RVA Street Art Festival, the addition of VCU painter/professor Heidi Trepanier as a live muralist only happened when the design she provided for a tapestry that was printed and installed was not to her liking. 

    With all that in mind, it’s refreshing to see Natalia Rak (Poland) bringing her larger than life female characters to the Richmond Mural Project.

    I haven’t seen the sketch/blueprint for her piece but I get the feeling that it will be in the same vein as most of her other works that use vibrant colors and detailed expressions to reflect many, complex aspects of women in a variety of different, often surreal scenarios. You can check her out doing her thing on Main St. beside Sidewalk Café.

    Poland’s Etam Cru (Bezt and Sainer) is also in RVA and it marks their first ever trip to paint in the US so that’s pretty special. They just started yesterday on Grace St. beside The Village so you can go check out what appears to be the makings of another larger than life female character. They may be a little high up to say “Hi” but you can always wave!


    Aniekan (D.C.) finished his Bojangles piece at Thai Cabin (2nd and Marshall)

    Atlanta’s Greg Mike has made some headway on the side of Starlite across from Ed Trask’s Rocket Pop piece.

    Angry Woebots (L.A.) put up a “sleeping giant” outline before he brings the color to the side of Selba.

    And the whole Richmond Mural Project crew is here in RVA now so look for some great artwork from international artists popping up on a city wall near you!

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  5. John Marshall hotel

  6. Killing Kennedy filming now in cap square.

  7. View from Jefferson park.

  8. Union Hill vantage point


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